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We Provide Honeycomb Shades, Cellular Shades, and More in Boise

208 Blinds & Shades is a local company providing many types of window coverings including cellular and honeycomb shades in Boise, ID. As a small company, we have the advantage of being able to oversee every step of the process. This means nothing is overlooked and everything is done with precision from sales to measuring to installation. The owner, Rick, sees to it that you select the window covering you want. He also makes sure that the windows and the coverings are measured properly to ensure a perfect fit. This way, the transaction proceeds in a smooth fashion.

These days, you can buy anything online and that includes window coverings. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you run the risk of the covering not fitting your windows properly. This leads to malfunctioning mechanisms and damaged window coverings. With us, however, there is minimal risk of that happening since our window coverings have precise measurements designed to fit your windows perfectly. So if you ever think about getting cellular shades, honeycomb shades, or other shades in Boise, ID, get yours from us.

At 208 Blinds & Shades, we believe that quality precedes everything else and that is why our goal is to provide quality window coverings at an affordable price. Our customer’s preference is also very important to us. That is why we help them choose the right window covering according to their needs. For example, if you want a window covering that blocks or filters light so that the room can be dimmed significantly without cutting off the light completely, then we may suggest getting honeycomb shades from our shop in Boise, ID. If you want a different type of window covering or there is a specific design that you are looking for, we can help you get it.

Get your window coverings from 208 Blinds & Shades today!