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Trustworthy Providers of Shades and Window Treatments in Boise ID

208 Blinds & Shades is proud to offer our products and services to the residents of Boise, ID. As providers of a variety of shades and window treatments in Boise, ID, we are confident in the quality of our services. Working with the best brand in the market, we will provide you with window covers that are sure to get the effect you are looking for. Whether you simply want to block out the light or control the amount of light filtering in through your windows, our window covers can do that effectively.

Our shades in Boise, ID are also effective in keeping your rooms insulated without the need for heavy drapery. That also means you will be able to save more on your utility bills. Our brand of affordable window covers will not only improve your home’s environment but also your lifestyle. And if you are looking for customized window covers to give your home the soft ambiance of muted light from custom blinds, shades, or shutters, you can trust us to give your windows a perfect fit.

Don’t have time to come to our showroom? We can bring it to you! Our professional designers and installers will gladly help elevate your home’s interior by bringing our stunning collection to you and helping you choose the right match for your home. So don’t go buying shades and other window treatments online that don’t fit your windows properly in an attempt at saving time and money. After all, our goal is to provide quality window covers at an affordable price. So with us, you get impeccable service and quality output. Get your shades and window treatments in Boise, ID from 208 Blinds & Shades today!

We provide a 15% discount for move-in specials. We also accept credit cards at a 5 % fee. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.